Protect your privacy online

Hackers can access your webcam without you knowing. SLiDEE gives you

100% protection whilst adding personality with quirky and modern designs

The simple, low cost, fun security solution

We’re spending more time online that ever before - even our homes are getting smarter each year. And, although the digital world opens up a whole host of possibilites and opportunities, it also poses a number of very real threats.

Hackers can take control of the camera of mobiles, laptops, tablets, and desktops remotely. They can even disable the 'on' light so their victims are none the wiser. Despite this threat, many of our device cameras remain unsecured - research has shown that countless web camera devices are readily accessible to hackers, without even needing to be hacked.

Even experts like Mark Zuckerburg and former FBI director James Comey have stated that they always cover the cameras on their devices.

It's security, made simple.

SLiDEE is a low-cost, simple to use solution for webcam security.

Not only that, but it is fun, stylish, and incredibly versatile

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What is it and how it works 

Incorporating a simple sliding mechanism, SLiDEE sticks over the camera on a wider range of devices, protecting users from potential hackers. But what makes SLiDEE unique is the design. The front sliding part features a whole host of exciting designs, from marble and flowers, through to galaxies and sports.  Each pack contains 3 webcam covers and backing plates which can easily be applied to a phone, laptop, monitor, tablet, or any other device with a built-in camera.
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How Does a Webcam Cover Protect Me?

A webcam cover protects you from webcam hacks where a hacker will take control of your webcam feed. They can then use this data for extortion, unwanted surveillance, or espionage. By using a camera cover, you protect yourself from any hackers being able to view through your webcam even if they do successfully hack your device. It’s recommended to use a phone camera cover, tablet camera cover, and laptop camera cover slider to fully protect yourself.  

Will a Piece of Tape Over My Camera Protect Me?

While a piece of tape to cover your phone camera or laptop camera somewhat helps, it is not nearly as effective as webcam slider covers. Depending on the type of tape you use, your camera feed could still be visible. Tape is also far more prone to falling or peeling off than a webcam sliding cover. 

Can I Use SLiDEE’s Webcam Cover as an iPhone Camera Cover, Macbook Camera Cover, or iPad Camera Cover? 

Yes, SLiDEE Webcam Covers work as an iPhone Camera Cover, Macbook Webcam Cover, and iPad Camera Cover. You can use your SLiDEE Webcam Cover on any device with a camera due to its easy application and effective design. It also works great as an iPhone front camera cover to protect yourself while using your phone. 

Do I Need to Remove My Sliding Webcam Covers When I Use My Webcam? 

No, you do not need to remove your sliding webcam covers when you use your webcam. That’s the great thing about webcam cover sliders. To use your webcam, you simply slide the cover to the side and your webcam is ready for use. Once you’re done, simply slide the cover back and you’re protected once again.

Is it Difficult to Apply a Webcam Cover Slide from SLiDEE? 

Applying your webcam slider cover to your device is extremely easy. All you need to do is take the cover out of the packaging, remove the slider from the backing plate, remove the tape, position the backing plate over your webcam, and click the slider back into the backing plate. Your webcam is now protected from any potential peering eyes.