About Us

The SLiDEE Story

SLiDEE was created by Antony Showman, a business owner with over 20 years’ experience, predominantly in the product and corporate gifts sector.

While managing his other business, Zest Promotional, Antony noticed that his corporate webcam covers were fast becoming one of the most popular products. In fact, he had sold over 200,000 units to companies worldwide.

With this growing success in the corporate market, Antony realised that there was the potential to introduce it to the retail market. Although there were camera
security products available, they were all plain black – no one else in the marketplace was applying trending designs to make them into a popular, exciting product.

Antony set about choosing designs and selling the product directly to consumers online. The level of interest and positive feedback he received confirmed his
suspicions that there was a real gap in the retail market for this product.